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Take a look at this impressive list of services in the following categories of general helicopter charter operations, aerial incendiary operations, stock and feral animal control, land and sea management, power line and underground utility inspections, helicopter assisted reconnaissance exploration, heli rig operations, slinging operations

Aerial Incendiary Operations

Heli Australia operates two aerial incendiary machines, one being the Raindance R2 which is mounted in the back seat and is a magazine operated injecting machine which injects pellets and then cuts them. They are dropped through a tube attached to the outside of the helicopter and are especially beneficial for the early establishment of fire breaks and can also be speed up to create a hotter fire. The second unit is a Heli Torch which is an under-slung machine that hangs under the helicopter. It acts as a large drip torch dropping an ignited gel from the machine. This machine is very good for hot burns for vegetation such as Rubber Vine (Cryptostegia grandiflora) and other weeds.

Heli Australia holds a current category M firearms license from Weapons License and the appropriate engineering orders which are required to operate aerial incendiary machines.

Stock and Feral Animal Control

The company has successfully carried out many feral animal control operations in every State for the control of donkeys, camels, buffalo, horses and pigs and particularly for the Northern Territory and Queensland Government and private entities. Heli Australia boasts a track record of over 1000 safe flying hours carrying out these operations.

Land and Sea Management

Heli Australia conducts aerial survey operations throughout the Gulf of Carpentaria for the Carpentaria Land Council and Island communities, collecting data for weed and feral animal management, aerial burning for the control of weeds in the area, also aerial burning in the early months of the year, establishing fire breaks to stop the bigger hotter fires at the end of the year. Burning at these times of the year means the fire is more controllable. The company has carried out numerous dugong, crocodile, turtle, sea turtle, sea grass surveys, as well as, the collection of Ghost Nets along the coast and islands. The company has been involved in medical evacuations from these remote communities.


Heli Australia helicopter assisted reconnaissance exploration to complete rock chip sampling and or stream sediment sampling in remote areas.

Power Line Inspection / Under Ground Pipeline Inspections

Heli Australia has provided helicopter assistance to Ergon Energy over the wet season and cyclone season, carrying out power line inspections and helping to locate faults or damaged power lines.

External Slinging Operations

Heli Australia has completed external successful sling operations for a number of companies. This has involved slinging general equipment in to remote locations for government operations, exploration companies, and collections of ghost nets from island and coastal areas, slinging of fuel, slinging of the heli torch for aerial incendiaries.

Helicopter Tours and Scenic Flights

Scenic Flights around the Atherton Tablelands and surrounding areas.

Enquire about our speicalised helicopter tours offering a range of options or self made options throughout Australia.



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